AbleDocs unveils ADWeb to expand digital accessible offerings

AbleDocs Inc., an IT services company, has announced the debut of ADWeb, its comprehensive hybrid approach to web accessibility which assists businesses in making their websites inclusive and accessible, and enables enhance user experience.

The ADWeb platform combines the expertise of ADWebKey, which specializes in manual testing and training, with the inventiveness of Sitemorse, which specializes in automated compliance audits.

In unison, they give companies simple, actionable reports that can be utilized to develop accessibility roadmaps. It also provides personalized and flexible training and consulting services to assist businesses in better understand and execute online accessibility best practices.

Adam Spencer, CEO of AbleDocs, said that their firm continues to push the boundaries of what digital accessibility means by responding to the demands of its clients.

Following the purchase of WebKey IT and Sitemorse, the firm is excited to guarantee that its current and prospective clients can benefit from its unrivaled services.

Amanda Mace, AbleDocs Vice President for Australasia, says that ADWeb is a logical next step for the clients and an excellent entry point into digital accessibility for individuals who are new to making digital products accessible to people of all abilities.

No matter where users are on the digital accessibility journey, the solutions and services available are diverse enough to meet any circumstance and business. A journey that can be completed from beginning to end by any user is considered accessible. AbleDocs can help companies accomplish that better than ever by extending its capabilities with ADWeb.

About AbleDocs

AbleDocs has grown to become a global front-runner in digital accessibility since its inception in 2019. The company helps businesses achieve high-volume document accessibility compliance, accessibility testing, accessibility training, and online accessibility compliance.

AbleDocs is the only firm in the world that guarantees file compliance and backs it up with a $10 million liability guarantee. ADService, ADTraining, ADLegacy, ADGateway, ADForms, ADScan, ADWeb, axesWord, and axesPDF are some of its current products.

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