ADD secures platform tech to build high-performance navigation software

South Korea-based defense technology development agency, ADD (Agency for Defense Development), has secured a platform technology that on its own produces high-quality and high-performance navigation software required for the production of latest weapon systems like guided weapons.

Reportedly, the agency has designed and developed the navigation software development technology.

Apparently, this technology could be used to build weapons system software platforms in multiple fields like combat systems, communication, and shooting control by accumulating components of software into Lego block concepts.

According to reports, ADD has obtained an effective way of producing top-performance navigation software by using a software product line which is a combination of software-intensive systems that share a managed, mutual set of features settling the requirements of a specific mission or market segment.

As per credible sources, navigation software is the main function which determines the accuracy of weapons systems. Situated on unmanned aerial vehicles or guided weapons, it serves as a guide to correctly locate destinations and targets.

Notably, software product line development comprises software engineering ways, techniques, and tools for making a collection of alike software systems from a common set of software assets securing a mutual means of manufacturing.

The current navigation software has been created for every weapon system, hence the development time was comparatively long. Besides, the identical function was created repeatedly as it was tough to improvise the performance.

It has been reported that the Agency for Defense Development has analysed the navigation software applied to multiple prevailing systems, divided the subfunction elements into specialised and common parts, and made an architecture that merges them.

Not to mention, software components or navigation algorithms for multiple data processing were applied in the form of Lego block concept components.  

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