AI-driven logistics software developer Leaf Logistics nabs $37Mn funding

As the pandemic continues to disrupt logistics and transportation companies, new software developers have leaned towards addressing supply chain challenges.

New York-based transportation and logistics startup, Leaf Logistics is one such firm that has secured $37 million in a Sozo Ventured-led Series B round, to counter freight-related industry challenges.

The funding round involved other investors including Floodgate, Madrona Venture Group, Schematic Ventures, Flexport, The Intercontinental Exchange, Supply Chain Ventures and Playground Global.

Leaf Logistics specializes in AI-powered technologies for collecting shipping industry data and ultimately preparing companies for an anticipated or unanticipated disruption with a probable scenario of its impact on their facility.

The company also recommends various means to incorporate the shifts by rerouting trucking pathways, adopting unique ways to overcome the pandemic inflicted supply chain operations.

According to credible reports, the pandemic compelled massive losses within supply chain, notably for the automotive and transportation industry, rendering nearly 41% of supply chain leaders in the sectors with a loss of $50 to $100 million owing to the novel challenges.

Similar reports also indicate that pandemic-led impacts were witnessed by 73% of consumers of the freight transportation and logistics services due to hampered supply chain operations.

To counter this, new startups are coming up with software to address various issues in the supply chain, starting with last-mile delivery to manufacturing as well as warehouse shipment and fulfillment.

For instance, Loadsmart’s software is eyeing automation of recurring logistics operations, whereas 7bridges, a London-based software company is developing an AI platform enabling efficient supply chain management.

Meanwhile, Leaf Logistics claims to have superior AI models capable of identifying freight volume configurations via optimal plannability and predictability with complete understanding of pricing and market capacity uncertainties.

Leaf Logistics’ AI-powered software uses various graph models to arrange these configurations, enabling the startup to mimic seamless flow within its transportation and logistics.

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