AI startup Rad AI to improve patient care with latest $25Mn funding

California-based radiology startup, Rad AI has announced that it has bagged $25 million during its latest Series A funding round.

The round was spearheaded by ARTIS Ventures along with participants such as Gradient Ventures, an AI-focused fund of Google, OCV Partners and Kickstart Fund.

Sources state that Rad AI is likely to use the generated funds for improving patient care, automate radiology impressions, reduce burnout and save time.

It plans to utilize the funding to enhance development and drive commercialization of Rad AI Continuity and Rad AI Omni, which are the first core offering on the company’s AI platform.

The company will also use the funding round to strengthen Rad AI’s mission to empower radiologists with AI.

According to Doktor Gurson, CEO and Co-founder of Rad AI, their team believes that AI will rather augment and aid radiologists instead of replacing them.

Elaborating on Rad AI Omni, the product uses findings as well as clinical indication dictated by radiologists to automatically generate customized impressions with the help of highly advanced neural networks.

Rad AI Omni determines each radiologist’s language preferences, ultimately creating an impression that only requires radiologists to review and finalize.

Speaking on Rad AI, the company was established by radiologists who have a better understanding of the drawbacks of excessive burnout and pressures firsthand.

Dr. Jeff Chang, the youngest radiologist in the U.S., and entrepreneur Doktor Gurson created Rad AI in 2018, merging radiology and AI.

The company is based on the ideology of ‘built by radiologists, for radiologists’ and is catering to the transformation of radiology with the help of an inside perspective.

Using advanced machine learning, Rad AI streamlines repetitive tasks for radiologists which significantly reduces time consumption, alleviates burnout and renders more time to dedicate to patient care.

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