Airbag Inside develops world’s first airbag jeans for motorcyclists

Study reveals that today, motorcycle riders are about 28 times more likely to die in an accident as compared to a car passenger owing to the prone nature of the vehicle. The main reason behind the growing popularity of motorcycle riding is the feeling of being open and close to nature-which in itself is extremely dangerous.

Growing awareness among people regarding the need to maintain road safety has encouraged many companies to introduce unique self-protection gears. Demonstrating a similar effort, Airbag Inside Sweden AB has reportedly designed a prototype of airbag jeans that could make riding safer for motorcyclists. Although they look like a regular pair of jeans, they come with airbags that are triggered in case a rider falls off his bike.

Seemingly, these jeans are tied to the bike, so the function is similar to the safety clip that is used on a treadmill, pull the cord and one will have an inflated pair of pants that render protection. The goal behind the innovation is to reduce the lower-body impact for riders.

For the record, these jeans can be deflated, reassembled, refilled with gas, and may be used multiple times so one does not have to keep buying a new pair. These jeans are made up of Aramid fibers that are extremely strong.

According to a statement by Moses Shahrivar, Head of Airbag Inside Sweden AB, the company has been working on creating unique protective gears for the past 16 years, by designing leather-lined jeans for leading American motorcycle manufacturer- Harley Davidson with an effort to provide safety-conscious clothing items.

It is worth mentioning that, the Swedish company has raised nearly €150,000 or USD 180,000 from the European Union to execute the idea and is in the process of getting the jeans certified to European health and safety standards by undergoing various crash trials.

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