Airbnb to offer houses to almost 100,000 Ukrainian refugees amidst invasion

Amid the Ukraine invasion by Russian forces, Airbnb has reportedly offered a free-short term housing facility for around 100,000 Ukrainian refugees leaving their country.

Brian Chesky, Chief Executive Officer at Airbnb, commented that both Airbnb and are working together with their hosts to provide shelter to 100,000 immigrants fleeing Ukraine, free of cost. The firm will also be working with the neighboring European states to offer longer stays.

Chesky mentioned that the company and hosts need to meet this goal. He added that the biggest requirement for the hour is to find more people who can offer their houses for stay in neighboring countries like Germany, Poland, Romania, and Hungary.

As per reports, Chesky quoted that the governments of Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Poland are also providing backup for providing home to the refugees.

Apparently, these houses will be funded by Airbnb itself and the hosts and donors on their website., which is a nonprofit organization established by the home-sharing firm, will work with the resettlement companies and NGOs to house the Ukraine immigrants throughout the world, funded by’s Refugee Fund along with the Airbnb hosts providing free or discounted stays.

According to sources, Chesky has urged the people across the world to provide funds to Airbnb for this initiative.

Speculations have it that Ukraine has approximately 17,000 short period rentals. Since the Russian military started the invasion of Ukraine, around 300,000 regional population have abandoned their country and left to save their lives.

As the invasion escalates, the number of Ukrainians fleeing their country can grow to millions.

Previously, during the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, Airbnb helped to house the refugees fleeing Afghanistan. Notably, Airbnb provided houses to around 21,000 people.

Airbnb is an American company providing homestays, housing to people across 220 countries and regions.  

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