Amara Raja Batteries to develop a 50MW solar power project in AP

The Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh (AP) is set to welcome the establishment of 50 megawatts of solar power project supported by Amara Raja Batteries. It has been speculated that storage battery manufacturing company, Amara Raja, would produce funds of USD 30.30 million for the development of the project in the region, which will potentially help the company reduce its power cost and bring down the company’s carbon footprint.

In line with the latest development, the company has also laid down its plans of building a greenfield lead recycling capacity at a cost of USD 38.56 million, bearing a capacity of 100,000 tons, as a part of its lead procurement strategy.

Speaking on this initiative, CEO of Amara Raja Batteries- S. Vijayanand rightfully cited that the planned investment in solar and lead recycling facilities is anticipated to bolster the company’s plans to move towards a cleaner environment via a sustainable circular economy, while also supporting reduction in costs and offering long-term support to its key raw material procurement.

While on the other hand, MD and Vice Chairman of Amara Raja Batteries, Jaydev Galla stated that the firm is assessing the investment opportunities in futuristic and highly advanced energy storage technologies in an attempt to address the emerging market segments worldwide.

He added that the Indian government’s recent step to announce vivid initiatives and PLI program is also likely to escalate the growth of electric-mobility and renewable energy markets.

It would be pivotal to note that Amara Raja Batteries had also unveiled the Advanced Lithium Technology Research facility, with a pilot project unit for cell development in the third quarter of FY2021. Apparently, the project secured approval from various fleet operators and OEMs for the commercial supply of battery packs.

In yet another incidence, the company had announced entering into an agreement with the Gridtential Energy to partner on bipolar battery technology development. Under the collaboration pact, the two companies intended to assemble and test references batteries via making use of the active material made by Amara Raja and work on enhancing life cycles, efficiency, energy density, and manufacturability.

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