Amobee, ID5 collaborate to develop an EMEA cross-device graph solution

Amobee, an advertising platform, along with ID5, an identity solution provider, has recently announced an industry-first cross-device graph to enable its identification capabilities across EMEA.

For starters, Amobee's identity-agnostic strategy focuses on absorbing and stitching together different meta graphs, allowing marketers to employ a mix of solutions to meet their specific requirements.

The platform aims to develop a solution that provides local and international media buyers with a comprehensive view of devices, people, and households in lieu of the constraints faced by Europe's fragmented advertising environment.

The evaluation criteria of Amobee involves compliance with GDPR and regulatory practices, prevailing EMEA scale, and the capability to deploy with other user and panel-based identity approaches.

Sources cite that combining ID5's collective identifier and cross-device graph enhances audience addressability and reach across cookieless environments, operating more competent performance, and increases accountability into campaign measurement across all digital advertising environments, including CTV, without depending on old identification methods.

Notably, the European partnership has benefitted immensely from ID5's robust privacy-first strategy to identity. The identification solution provider uses privacy-by-design technology that complies with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework and the most stringent legal requirements.

ID5 exclusively generates an ID and reconciles it across domains and devices using authorized signals, ensuring that customers' privacy choices are followed and implemented across the advertising value chain.

ID5’s VP of Sales and Business Development, Joseph Quaglia said that they're pleased to welcome Amobee as ID5's newest partner and the first in Europe to use their cross-device solution. Amobee's aim for more privacy-friendly advertising business is demonstrated by this collaboration, which represents an investment in next-generation identification solutions.

By using ID5 to resolve some of the shortfalls caused by deprecation of cookies, Amobee is assuring that they will continue to lead the industry in targeting, optimization, and performance measurement across all digital platforms far into the future.

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