Apple introduces ‘Find My Certification Asst.’ app for testing devices

Amidst new product launches and developments by tech giants, Apple has introduced a new application for all testing devices that work with ‘Find My’ network. Known as Find My Certification Assistant, the application is developed for use by MFi Licensees, who call for testing their device’s interoperability and compatibility with Apple’s Find My network.  

For the uninitiated, Find My network helps users to locate the lost Apple devices, including Mac, AirPods, and iPhones amongst others. This apart, it is also likely that Apple might add support for finding other compatible accessories designed and developed by third parties.

The novel launch of Find My Certification Asst. demonstrates that the company is quite ready to declare the launch of 3rd-party device program in the upcoming years.

As per the application’s detailed description, MFi Licensees have an authority to use Find My Certification Asst. to test the connection, discovery, and other essential requirements for their devices that would deploy Apple’s Find My network technology.

Importantly, the app also points to the data about Find My network certification on the company’s MFi Portal at its website,, which addresses Find My network as a MFi program tech which is expected to ‘come live’ for the Apple users in the near future.

It would be important to note that the new application also enabled device makers to run a wide variety of tests in areas like firmware, sound, connectivity, NFC, power, and management.

In fact, app’s launch emerges as a breakthrough for the company toward its goal of opening up the Apple Find My network to third parties along with planned revelation of its own accessory- AirTags.

The application became widely available on April 4th on the iOS App Store, and currently has no ranking or reviews, given to its fresh launch.

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