Apple seeks to unveil mixed reality (MR) headset in the year 2022

Apple’s rising interest in VR/AR segment beyond the sales of smartphones has now offered hints about the company’s upcoming innovative product launch. Official sources have claimed that the tech giant is looking forward to introducing its next big device, a mixed-reality headset, which is anticipated to come into global markets as early as 2022.

As per company officials, the headset is expected to retail for USD 1,000 in the US technology market. The headset would potentially make use of Sony’s enhanced optical modules and Micro-OLED displays to offer an immersive experience which is deemed to be considerably better than other existing VR products.

In fact, in the product report, it was recorded that the headset prototypes currently weigh between 200-300 grams, however, the company is seeking to reduce the weight by 100 to 200 grams.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, cited that tech experts have been predicting that Apple’s AR/MR product framework would include three phases: glass type by 2025, contact lens type by 2030-2040, and helmet type by 2022. Moreover, they foresee that the helmet product is touted to deliver VR and AR experiences, while contact lens and glass types of products are more likely to emphasize on the AR applications.

However, Kou is not the first one to predict Apple’s invest in AR/VR space. Besides, as per CNET, Apple is working on a superior and powerful headset that is likely to support VR and AR technologies, presenting an 8K display higher resolution for each eye, along with its own processor to AR and VR images. In fact, professionals have claimed that Apple’s VR/AR headset roll out could emerge as revolutionary breakthrough of a major shift for the technology industry.

Apple is not the only technology giant working on VR or AR glasses. Some of the other major players, including Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, are as well closely watching the expansion of this space. Facebook’s first ‘smart glasses’ are projected to be launched anytime this year under a branded Ray-Ban product.

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