Apple sues Israeli spyware maker firm for targeting its users

Apple has reportedly announced suing Israeli spyware maker, NSO Group, amidst the ongoing Pegasus surveillance scandal, seeking to bar the company from reaching over one billion iPhones in circulation.  

Besides, the lawsuit from the Silicon Valley giant against Pegasus adds trouble to NSO, engulfing it in controversy over accusations that tens of thousands of journalists, activists and politicians have been targeted by Pegasus spyware.

As per credible sources, the US officials reportedly boycotted NSO to ban exports from American groups due to accusations from the Israel organizations that enabled the foreign governments to conduct international domination.

Apple, in the US federal court, stated that the company is in talks to secure a permanent order to blacklist NSO Group from utilizing any Apple services, software or devices to protect its users.

The tech conglomerate also mentioned that hackers have been using extremely sophisticated cyber-surveillance machines, which create flagrant abuse routinely.

For the uninitiated, smartphones infested with Pegasus serve as pocket spying devices enabling  inhibitors to get hold of the entire data of the user’s phone like photos, messages, and track locations without their knowledge.

Apple has claimed that there are 1.65 billion active Apple devices across the world, and it has discovered a small number of devices which might be bugged.

According to sources, the lawsuit claims that nearly 1,400 devices have been targeted with malicious software to acquire valuable data from customers.

As per speculations, NSO has refused to take the responsibility for any wrongdoings and has claimed that its software is meant for fighting crimes and terrorism and to be used only by the authorities.

NSO mentioned that its software provides the legal authorities with lawful tools to fight against pedophiles and terrorists. Additionally, the firm will continue to prove their innocence.  

Reportedly, NSO has been speculated to be in a debt of $500 million along with leadership issues with the CEO followed by the news of France withdrawing a purchase after the US allegations.