Austria calls-off mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for the adult population

Austria has reportedly suspended the mandatory vaccination requirement against COVID-19 pandemic for all adults as the administration feels that the pandemic no longer has the same levels of danger associated. The news comes just after the law took effect in the European Union weeks ago.

As per credible sources, the Alpine nation, consisting of a population of 9 million, has been one amongst the few nations across the world to make vaccines for the coronavirus pandemic compulsory for adults.

The law took effect in February and if not obeyed, called for penalties up to $3,940 from mid of March.

Karoline Edtstadler, Minister of Austria, stated that law’s violation of basic rights is no longer vindicated by the threat caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Karoline mentioned that after discussions with the health minister, the administration has decided to waive off the fine restriction due to the reducing prevalence of Omicron variant in their country.

The variant is now believed to be less dangerous as compared to the earlier strains of the coronavirus and hospitals across Austria have so far been able to cope with the rising cases.

As a result, this has pushed the administration to drop off the underlying coronavirus restrictions as they feel they need to act flexibly along with the epidemiological situation.

Johannes Rauch, Health Minister of Austria, has commented that the decision to suspend the law will be reviewed within three months.

Meanwhile, there has been thousands of demonstrations by the people against government’s decision during previous year November to compel people to get vaccinated to boost the vaccination rate.

Reportedly, Austria has recorded around three million cases of coronavirus and nearly 15,000 fatalities since the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

For the record, Indonesia, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan are few of the many nations that have imposed a mandatory coronavirus vaccination law of all.

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