autoRetouch taps fashion and lifestyle market space; upscales editing standard

One of Germany’s leading AI-powered image editing platforms- autoRetouch has reportedly announced generating about 3.2 million euros in the seeding round led by a prominent European apparel retailer, Breuninger. This novel move is expected to now enable users to edit the lifestyle and fashion product images, and creatives.

Editing fashion and lifestyle product images generally is considered to be time-intensive and often creatively unrewarding. Moreover, use of outdated technologies lead to a cumbersome editing process. This has thus augmented the need for a standard editing tool, which can take only about 5 to 15 minutes and is capable of editing anything right from background removal to basic skin retouching for any photograph including human models.

As per official sources, editing with autoRetouch’s AI technology would now allow stakeholders to obtain great product images at a much faster rate, easily, and also cheaper than ever before while retaining full creative control.

It would be pivotal to note that autoRetouch users have seen up to 90% cost savings in editing process due to the efficiency gains from transiting from repetitive work to artificial intelligence.

Speaking of the novel move, Alex Ciorapciu, CEO and Co-Founder of autoRetouch, cited the company is pleased to announce the launch of its first commercial technology for lifestyle and fashion brands to effectively speed up editing apparel images in bulk for all the retailers.

He added that through autoRetouch, the firm is looking forward to unlocking a significant amount of value by providing the users more time to focus on the creative work that might be required for editing and shifting to the AI technology. Besides, autoRetouch is also supporting retailers and brands of all sizes to maintain competitiveness in the pure digital world.

Meanwhile, CEO of Breuninger, Holger Blecker, while commenting on its support for autoRetouch stated that the company has recognized the importance of having a good technological solution to minimize the time between photo shoot and getting images on the product sales page in this dense and competitive online market.

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