Avivatech unveils XpressCash Software for retail cash management

XpressCash is the first and only solution especially developed to reduce cost and time, mitigate losses, and increase accuracy for retail cash management

Avivatech, LLC, a software business specializing in check and cash software automation solutions in retail payment and branch banking environments, has reportedly unveiled XpressCash software.

As per sources, XpressCash is a solution specially engineered to back retailers in their efforts to improve their management of deposits and cash receipts in an accurate, fast, and secure way.

XpressCash software leverages the advanced cash technology of Avivatech platform, incorporating retail-centric functions to offer the ability to verify, count, and validate cash counts from every till. This will enable lane or cashier accountability with a quick balance to Point of Scale feature.

Apparently, industries with heavy cash like cannabis store can manage cash payments for service providers, product inventory, and also payroll with simple vendor set-up, high speed cash dispense, dollar amount limits, and complete transaction audit logs.

Jeff Hempker, President at Avivatech mentioned that in the present world, customers, interested in cashless payments still carry cash for emergency and small purchases.

Jeff continued that the retailers handling and managing cash in their physical locations can achieve greater success by allowing easier, quicker, and apt cash management solutions.

Moreover, he added that XpressCash software unburdens the retail staff from the time-taking process of counting and recounting of the tills and develops a secure way for the end-of-the-day cash drop.

About Avivatech

Avivatech LLC, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is an independent segment of Digital Check Corporation and is devoted to transaction automation software. It is developed from the software groups of Benchmark Technology Group, Inc and Digital Check and possesses unmatched expertise in check and cash automation workflows.

The firm is focused to delivering the best training resources, products, and dedicated support technicians for check automation and cash automation management solutions.

Source Credits: - https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220426005235/en/Avivatech-Launches-XpressCash%E2%84%A2-Solution-for-Retail-Cash-Management