Berkshire Grey attains $23MM order for its grocery picking robots

Berkshire Grey, a leader in AI-enabled robotic solutions, has earned a multi-phase $23+ million order from a global retailer for online same-day grocery fulfilment. The company’s I.E.R. (Intelligent Enterprise Robotics) can pick up grocery items robotically from the inventory and load the items into customer bags to complete orders placed via mobile apps or online.

Berkshire Grey's robotic systems can be used in back-of-store locations, allowing quick pickup and delivery, as well as more significant dedication at fulfilment and distribution centers. The robotic solution assists order-online-pickup-at-store, order-online-be-delivered-to-by-store, and other major high-growth models in the grocery and convenience segments.

As reported by U.S.D.A., in the U.S., consumers spend around $1.7 trillion yearly on food and groceries. In addition, almost around 52% of the population of the U.S. is expected to purchase groceries digitally by 2022.

Based on this, robotically filling online and mobile app orders will become a critical enabler for retailers.

Retailers must continue to operate their brick-and-mortar stores while also providing service and assistance for the timely fulfilment of online orders. With Berkshire Grey's Intelligent Enterprise Robotics solutions, robots can choose specific grocery products from inventory, load grocery bags with items, and move and organize inventory as well as filled orders.

This automation permits businesses to function 24/7, supporting the customers' changing buying habits and modify operations in distribution centers, back-of-store, and stand-alone micro-fulfilment facilities.

Back-of-store automation also allows employees to continue providing excellent service to existing retail customers while simultaneously supporting new online order streams. This is critically important in light of the pandemic, which has propelled the rise of ecommerce in the grocery industry.

Additionally, the system offer same-day back-of-store fulfilment for brick-and-mortar retail sites, distribution center fulfilment for individual consumer orders as well as store restocking, and support micro and nano-fulfilment center operations that are common in urban areas.

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