BMW Group's Neue Klasse platform to emphasize on reducing CO2 emissions

The BMW Group has recently stated that it will pledge towards achieving 50% reduction in global CO2 emissions during the use phase of its vehicles by 2030 and a 40% reduction in emissions across the vehicle's life cycle.

These objectives, which include a strategy to focus on circular economy which approaches to reach a more workable vehicle life cycle, will be accomplished through the automaker’s Neue Klasse platform, which is expected to be available by 2025.

The BMW New Class, which was announced in March, is a relaunch of a range of sedans and coupes produced by the German carmaker from 1962 to 1977, a line that forged BMW's status as a sports car manufacturer.

According to BMW, the new lineup would include totally rebuilt IT & software architecture, a new cohort of high-performance electric drivetrains and batteries, and a completely new method to sustainable development across the entire vehicle life cycle.

Oliver Zipse, Chairman Of the Board Of Management, BMW AG, said in a statement that the firm is considering strengthening its devotion for accomplishing the 1.5-degree target with its Neue Klasse platform.

He said that the strength with which carbon footprint from automobiles can be reduced over entire life cycle will be a deciding factor in the fight against global warming. This is why BMW is proposing transparent and ambitious goals for significant CO2 emission reductions. This will be validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative and will make a real and measurable difference.

Furthermore, this news comes just a few months after BMW, along with Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche, admitted being working on an emissions cartel since the 1990s. The automakers conspired to hide technologies that could help reduce hazardous emissions below the legal limits set by EU emissions rules.

Upon recognition, the EU fined BMW for $442 million. However, it was barely a slap on the wrist for the automaker as it recorded $6 billion in second-quarter profits.

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