Boeing invests $450 Million in flying Air-Taxi developer ‘Wisk’

American aerospace major, Boeing Co. has recently said that it is planning to invest further $450 million in its joint venture of air-taxi with Larry Page (Google co-founder), building small, pilotless aircraft for short passenger journey’s in and around cities.

The firm’s Wisk venture which is based in Silicon Valley reportedly joins the arena of electric air vehicles that have encouraged billions of dollars in new funding last year. Some wish to start offering this service by the middle of the decade, although those efforts pivot on a budding regulatory framework to ensure the safety of passengers.

Rival plane makers Airbus SE and Embraer SA are building their electrical air taxis, together with the other startups that have received investment and interest from private jet operators, airlines, and aircraft leasing companies.

Wisk was formed via a joint venture between Boeing and Kitty Hawk Corp., an electric aircraft maker co-founded by Mr. Page in 2019. The firm is developing an aircraft that can let three to four passengers sit in it and take off and land vertically, similar to a helicopter flying autonomously without any pilot.

However, the details on the latest version that Wisk plans to operate commercially and which is expected to be larger are estimated to be revealed this year, as per Boeing.

Though Boeing did not offer any timeline when the Wisk’s planned vehicle is expected to enter service, it said it would be later rivals with piloted aircraft.

After closing the venture capital arm last year, Boeing emphasized its air-taxi efforts on Wisk. The investment unit had chased several prototypes and software to service an air-taxi market that, as forecasted by the analysts, could include thousands of small air vehicles functioning by the mid-2030s.

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