Central Group plans to enhance employee experience with Workato

A leading enterprise automation platform, Workato, has reportedly announced that Central Group, one of the biggest retail, property, and hospitality conglomerate in Thailand, plans to transform and upgrade employee experience by using the Workato platform.

Imperative to note that the Workato platform allows Central Group to simplify and improve their existing employee-focused processes.

Essentially, the initiative focuses on streamlining processes by using user-friendly and mobile-friendly solutions to create a stronger connection with the massive frontline workforce.

With the aim of emerging as a ‘Digi-Lifestyle Platform’, Central Group embarks upon the opportunity to leverage technology-driven platforms like Workato and further aims to replace outdated tools and technologies with automation, to avoid manual and repetitive tasks.

Speaking on the latest development, Parichat Hananyant, Head of Digital HR at Central Group, highlighted the significance of implementing HR automation for transforming the employee experience, with the value addition of the Workato platform which will help scale processes.

On the other hand, Allan Teng, Founder and Managing Director of Workato APAC and Japan commented that Central Group’s brand resonates with excellence and quality and is well-positioned as the leading retail and service developer in Asia, offering great scope for digitization throughout the company.

Workato’s chat platform can be used by employees to connect to the ‘Leave Bot’ which will help send requests for leaves and allow employers to grant approval.

The waiting time for leave approvals, with Workato, has been effectively denominated by 94%, and the organization is able to create and update the integrated process within a span of one week.

In addition, the platform’s mobile-friendly solutions comprise ‘Health Bot’, tools enabling health declaration form submissions and updating the status of employees regarding Covid-19 situations.

The ‘Chom Bot’ on the other hand, is designed to extend appreciation to employees on a company-wide level.

Employees can leverage all of the above-mentioned solutions to carry out transactional tasks at a faster and easier rate using their mobile devices by simply clicking on the button.

Source Credit: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4569353