China locks down business hub of Shenzhen over fear of virus surge

While the other nations started lifting their coronavirus restrictions, the virus has severely attacked the country of origin, China, raising a red alert.

The Chinese government has announced a sudden spike in the coronavirus infections, calling for a lockdown in its southern business center of Shenzhen, which comprises of 17.5 million people, restricting the city’s access to Shanghai by suspending the bus services.

As per credible reports, people of Shenzhen, a technology and finance hub that neighbors Hong Kong, will go through three rounds of coronavirus testing after 60 new cases were recently reported.

The Chinese city will be completely shut with work from home except for the fuel, food and the other basic necessities being operational.

According to sources, the number of cases in the China’s latest infectious surge remain less as compared to the other countries and Hong Kong, where around 32,000 new cases have been reported recently.

But the authorities in the mainland have implemented a zero-tolerance strategy and have shut down the complete city to find and isolate all the infected people.

For the record, Shenzhen houses some of the most leading firms of China like electric car brand BYD Auto, telecom equipment maker Huawei Technologies Ltd., Tencent Holding, Ping An Insurance Co., and WeChat messenger services operator.

The government of the mainland reported 1938 new coronavirus infections on Sunday, which are triple of the last figures.

Apparently, three-quarters of the cases, around 1412 were from the Jilin province in the northeast where Changchun, the industrial metropolis was placed under lock down.

The Chinese capital Shanghai, with the maximum population of 24 million people has reported a rise of infections from 15 to 432.

The city’s government has asked people to not leave their house unnecessarily, suspending the intercity bus services. The government has also asked the people coming to Shanghai to have a negative report of nucleic acid test.

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