Clarity collabs with 2B Technologies to enhance air quality monitoring

U.S. based environmental startup, Clarity Movement Co. has reportedly joined hands with 2B Technologies to develop an ozone add-on mode solution for its Clarity air quality monitoring networks.

The ozone module integrates into Clarity’s network using the new Node-S 2, which is Clarity’s second-gen hardware of its air quality monitoring mechanism.

The Ozone Module adopts the ‘Federal Equivalent Process’ for clients residing with ozone attainment goals across the U.S.

Clarity network and Ozone Module facilitates constant monitoring of pollutants to gain accurate data in a fully-supported work environment.

It is worth noting that Ozone Module offers accurate measurements of ozone in air over a vast dynamic range, extending from a few parts per billion in terms of volume to an upper limit of close to 100 parts per million based on an advanced technique of absorption of UV light at 254 nm.

David Lu, CEO, Clarity Movement Co., was reportedly quoted stating that ground-level ozone carries a significant impact on health, due to which the company together with 2B Technologies is offering the Ozone Module that carries the ability to integrate into Clarity’s scalable monitoring network using Clarity Node-S 2.

For the record, the ozone monitoring solution has gained the approval of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a modification of the Federal Equivalent Method.

The Ozone Module is suited for use by states and other leading monitoring agencies under the Ambient Air Quality Surveillance to monitor in order to comply with the Clean Air Act.

Recently, Clarity Movement Co. collaborated with AethLabs to develop a black carbon add-on module for Clarity air quality monitoring systems. This module is based on the microAeth® Black Carbon measurement technology from AethLabs using the Node- S 2 hardware. 

Incorporated in the year 2014, Clarity Movement Co. – a privately held entity based in California aims at transforming how governments, businesses, campuses, and communities deal with air pollution.

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