CODED Academy launches a coding program in association with Agility

CODED Academy, a Kuwait-based programming education academy, has launched the first edition of their coding program UniCODE, in partnership with Agility, a leader in supply chain services, innovation, and infrastructure. UniCODE will facilitate trainings on digital coding basics to undergraduate students.

Ahmad Marafi, CEO of CODED Academy, said that the academy is extremely proud to introduce the first edition of UniCODE, a program specifically designed for undergraduates. The program is a strategic cooperation with Agility and will teach students topics like coding and software development.

He further said that collaborating with Agility as a Strategic Partner is equivalent to having pioneers in technological and digital transformation. CODED Academy is honored and thanks the Agility team for contributing to this program which will eventually help in building a modern and prosperous community in future.

Hashim Behbehani, the COO of Coded Academy, said that UniCODE program has been launched with the support of the CPES (Computer Engineering Society) at Kuwait University. The program will offer students four distinct segments of knowledge including iOS development, Android development, game development, and website programming and design.

He also added that Agility’s valuable support will facilitate continuous training of future leaders in digital and technological transformation.

Henadi Al Saleh, Chairperson at Agility, said that the firm believes in the importance of adopting new technologies and transforming digitally. CODED is shaping the next gen of Kuwait by helping youth develop essential technical skills which will be required for employment and development of Kuwait.

He further said that Agility is pleased to join hands with CODED to build a generation educated in new technologies that will lead to technology enabled development in Kuwait and the middle east region.

Both, male and female students can apply for the UniCODE program by following Coded Academy’s social media accounts at @Joincoded.

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