Colgate to expand EveryDrop tech with launch of Colgate Elixir in Canada

LiquiGlide has recently announced that Colgate will expand the accessibility of its recyclable, clear toothpaste package enabled by its EveryDrop technology to Canada.

LiquiGlide is the leading founder of a breakthrough technology that is revamping package, products, processes, and patient experiences by reducing the friction between liquids and solids.

As per credible reports, the launch of Colgate Elixir across Canada comes after the revelation of the toothpaste in Europe the previous year.

Apparently, Colgate Elixir instigates customers to reimagine toothpaste as part of their beauty routine and the restructured packaging lets the consumers see the amount of product which is left and can be easily dispensed and recycled.

The packaging of Colgate Elixir won the ‘Design Excellence’ and ‘Best in Show’ AmeriStar award from the renowned Institute of Packaging Professionals. The toothpaste will be available to the customers in Canada from winter this year.

Liz Mellone, Global Director of Packaging Innovation at Colgate-Palmolive Co., stated that the toothpaste, Colgate Elixir, is a breathtaking and reinvented design packed in an exceptional technology which is recyclable and is invented in a way to let the customers use even the last drops of the paste.

Dave Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at LiquiGlide mentioned that their team is over the top to launch pan Canada.

Smith added that they are thrilled to partner with Colgate to cater to the rising demand for sustainable packaging and delivering the best for the consumers, businesses, and the environment.

According to sources, Colgate is also set to launch a new product with the EveryDrop technology by LiquiGlide in Sam’s Club in the United States.

Kripa Varanasi, Chairman and Co-Founder, LiquiGlide, stated that it is flattering to observe the positive outcome after the launch of Elixir.

Kripa added that the firm’s aim for EveryDrop technology is to set new benchmarks for sustainability and the customer experience in packaging across the world.

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