COVAX to receive additional capital to boost vaccine delivery

The global initiative COVAX, ensuring provision of vaccines to all nations, has apparently received funding to boost its delivery process

Nanaia Mahuta, Foreign Affairs Minister of New Zealand, has announced that COVAX will reportedly be provided with supplementary funding to support the supply of vaccine in the developing countries.

As per reports, amidst the rising fear of the new variant of coronavirus, ensuring safety of each individual along with their families is crucial. In this case, the new funding will help the people in developing countries to boost their vaccination process during these crucial times to do their bit against the coronavirus fight.

Furthermore, Nanaia stated that New Zealand, a nation which once ruled out the virus by following all the protocols, is now aware of the dangers of COVID-19, especially when cases of new variant are on spike worldwide.

It has been reported that Aotearoa New Zealand is apparently financing COVAX Advanced Market Commitment (AMC) with $9 million to make sure that all the developing nations get enough COVID-19 vaccine doses.

As per credible sources, the financial aid has brought New Zealand’s entire COVAX AMC contribution to around $26 million.

Nanaia mentioned that during the entire span of COVID-19 pandemic, the government has ensured equal distribution of vaccines as its main aim in the global response to the pandemic. Meanwhile, its present contribution strengthens the aim further by helping the developing countries fight the virus and preserve the health of the people and their communities.

The Foreign Affairs Minister reportedly claimed that as one of the first countries to provide funding to COVAX, New Zealand is an ardent supporter of efforts to ensure widespread distribution of vaccine across the world.

As speculated, COVAX initiatives are guided by Gavi, CEPI and WHO- working in collaboration with the developed and developing nations vaccine producers, the World Bank, UNICEF and others.