COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for German soldiers amidst rising cases

The German military has recently announced making coronavirus vaccines mandatory for the military troops owing to the rising infection cases throughout the country.

The Defense Ministry has reportedly confirmed that soldiers and official representatives have given a nod to add Covid-19 shot to the list of lust have vaccines for the German soldiers. However, the measure still awaits to get officially added to the military protocols.

As per speculations, nearly 1,215 active coronavirus cases have been reported on a single day amongst the ministry’s civilian staff and the military.

Additionally, the total number of newly confirmed Covid-19 cases across the nation have been tallied to 45,326 on a single day. Beside this, a total of 309 fatalities have been reported due to Covid-19, taking the total to 99,433 in the country.

For the uninitiated, almost 68% of Germany’s population out of 83 million have been vaccinated which is much below the predicted aim to vaccinate 75% people by the government.

Essentially, the country is waiting for European Union’s approval for getting the children aged between five to eleven vaccinated.

According to credible sources, the U.S State Department has reportedly requested the American citizens to avoid travelling to Germany or ensure complete vaccination due to the increasing coronavirus cases. Besides, some of the German states have made strict laws for unvaccinated people and are pushing them to get their shot.

The country’s health minister has declared strict warning for those resisting the vaccination for the virus and have warned the people of the associated consequences.

Jens Spahn, Germany’s Health Minister affirmed that the country will vaccinate almost all its citizens by the end of season. He strongly mentioned that either all the coronavirus patients will recover or die if not vaccinated by the end of winters.