Creso Pharma set to launch SSH animal care products in Taiwan

Creso Pharma (CPH), a well-known Australia-based pharma company, has reportedly accelerated its activities to launch the products of Sierra Sage Herbs (SSH) to the animal healthcare market in Taiwan.

As per sources, the firm secured a non-exclusive, non-binding Heads of Agreement (HoA), with CCPC (China Chemical and Pharmaceutical), which would establish an in-country associate to drive sales growth.

Notably, CCPC is emphasizing development and research along with the manufacturing of healthcare and pharmaceutical products to be used for humans and animals.

Not to mention, it has a dedicated healthcare team for animals that functions with veterinarians across Taiwan and is deemed as a largely reliable provider.

The initial focus of the contract would be on the Green Goo Animal First Aid product of the company which helps to repair and soothe minor wounds. However, the HoA will now offer the scope to extend the range of products the firms will partner on.

William Lay, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Creso Pharma, expressed excitement in working with China Chemical and Pharmaceutical for incorporating a brand-new market for their company’s animal care products.

William mentioned that the team views this progress as a testament to the wider prospect that they anticipate for the Green Goo range in various other international markets.

Apparently, the firms have been functioning to set up a collaborative agreement before August, which would describe the terms for select products and commercialization from the pet care product range of Sierra Sage Herbs.

About Sierra Sage Herbs

Sierra Sage family products are derived from nature and are plant-based and eco-friendly. They are committed to making top natural, plant-based collections in skincare products, such as bath, deodorants, salves, and animal products in processes that have positive effects on the planet and the community.

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