Crime watch app Citizen takes over disaster prep platform Harbor

Citizen, a mobile application that sends location-based safety alerts in real time, has reportedly announced the acquisition of Harbor, a disaster preparedness app and tech firm, underpinning the former’s first acquisition, even though the company maintains secrecy of the financial details of the deal.

Andrew Frame, CEO and Founder of Citizen, mentioned in a press release that, transforming and improving public safety is an enormous commitment which necessitates a solid team and suit of products to advance Citizen’s mission globally.

Speaking on the opportune acquisition of Harbor, Frame stated that, Citizen is looking forward to integrating the tech firm’s team, technology and products.

According to company claims, Citizen, which currently operates in 60 cities in the U.S., sends more than 20 million alerts per day, with a 2-step process of sourcing alerts from public 911 blotters and verification done by the staff before delivering alerts.

Harbor, introduced in October 2020, bagged a $5 million seed round investment nearly a year and a half ago, allowing the tech expert to provide an incentive-centered model, gamifying the task of bracing for disasters like fires or earthquakes.

Harbor app requires users to add their ZIP code followed by a brief overview of potential disasters that people may have to prepare for in near future.

On a weekly basis, Harbor assigns users with crisis preparedness tasks of simply few minutes, thus not burdening people with long list of emergency situations to deal with all at once.

Some of the initial tasks include packing an emergency kit or a go-bag, checking smoke detectors and so on. Eventually, users may want to indulge in more serious and time-intensive safety measures, for instance learning CPR.

With this acquisition, Citizen will be able to provide users various essential insights on how to stay safe, eliminating the consequences of anxiety-inducing alerts concerning nearby events.

Moreover, Citizen also launched a new service, dubbed Protect, which allows users to connect with a Citizen agent when they find themselves in an unsafe environment and do not want to call 911.

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