DCGI grants EUA to Cadila Healthcare’s ZyCoV-D vaccine, shares surge

  • The ZyCoV-D is the world’s first Plasmid DNA vaccine for treating COVID-19.
  • Cadila Healthcare plans to manufacture 100 million vaccines per year.

Ahmedabad-based healthcare company Cadila Healthcare Limited has reportedly received DCGI approval for the Emergency Use Authorization of ZyCoV-D, a three-dose vaccine for COVID-19. This approval will enable India to vaccinate adolescents aged between 12-18 years.

The ZyCoV-D is the world’s first Plasmid DNA vaccine for COVID-19. When it is administered, the vaccine produces the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and induces an immune response facilitated by the humoral and cellular arms of the human immune system, which play a crucial role in viral clearance and protection from disease.

Speaking of dosage, the first dose of ZyCoV-D has to be taken on day zero, followed by the second on day 28th and the last on the 56th day. The vaccine is needle-free and will be administered using PharmaJet, a needle-free applicator that will ensure painless intradermal dose delivery.

According to reliable sources, the pharma company is planning to manufacture 10-12 crore doses of the vaccine per year. It is also planning to seek approval for a two-dose regimen soon.

Pankaj Patel, the Chairman of Cadila Healthcare was quoted saying that the development of the ZyCoV-D vaccine is a historic milestone since it is the first DNA vaccine to be cleared for human use.

The primary advantage of DNA vaccines is that they can to stimulate both the cellular and humoral arms of the adaptive immune system. They are safe, stable, and easy to manufacture, making them a valuable form of antigen-specific immunotherapy.

Cadila Healthcare’s share price also jumped by 7% after gaining Emergency Use Authorization approval. The company is reportedly planning to launch the vaccine in September 2021.

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