DUG Technology to establish carbon-free HPC data center in Geraldton

DUG Technology Ltd., has recently rolled out a proposal to design the world’s first carbon-free high-performance computing data facility driven by renewable energy, with plans to rent 4 hectares of land in the Geraldton district of Western Australia.

Reports claim that the facility would become home to one of the largest HPC installation in the globe, with initial 6 MW data hall boasting a capacity in excess of 200 petaflops, with expansion plans to multi-exaflop along with 10 data halls under construction.

Besides, the capital expenditure would be staged with demand in line with the company’s HPC strategy to create long lead-time infrastructure early. Additionally, it has been speculated that the new facility would make use of DUG’s proprietary immersion-cooling expertise offering some of the most energy efficient high performance computing available on the planet.

The data center is planned to be powered by wind and solar, and an onsite hydrogen battery network is also been investigated as a part of the recent project. Moreover, a fundamental goal associated with the development of the campus is to be fully powered by renewables in a bid to accelerate science while subsequently helping the clients accomplish their carbon-reduction goals.

According to official sources, the project has full support of the Yamatji Nation Board. In fact, the planned project is expected to include opportunities and training for the Yamatji people and is also a part of the Curtin University MoU alliance with respect to radio astronomy and green innovation.

Commenting on the latest plans, Matt Lamont, Founder and CEO of DUG cited that the firm is thrilled to have received the support of clients like the SKA team and Curtin University.

Matt further mentioned that the project has important economic, social, and environmental implications. Further, the company is delighted to work closely with the Yamatji people and is extremely proud to bring employment and training opportunities to Australia and its youth.

It has been claimed that the construction of the data center would begin in the third quarter of 2021 with Stage 1 data hall due to be commissioned in the first half of the next year, subject to approvals.

Source Credit: https://www.hpcwire.com/off-the-wire/dug-technology-plans-to-build-carbon-free-hpc-data-centre-in-western-australia/