Ear Science and UWA partner to boost hearing and ear research

Ear Science Institute Australia has reportedly signed a latest affiliation contract with the University of Western Australia to bolster innovation in hearing and ear research.

As per sources, Ear Science, as a medical research centre, is driven to develop new therapies and devices and to improvise the quality of science to deal with disorders related to ear and hearing in the community.

Sandra Bellekom, Chief Executive Officer at Ear Science Institute Australia, and Senior Adjunct Research Fellow, UWA stated that the collaboration with the University of Western Australia will assist Ear Science to build on its plan of driving the hearing and ear related therapeutic products to the market.

Professor Anna Nowak, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), University of Western Australia, commented that the new association will be developed on 20- year partnership history between the two companies and extensive research work.

Nowak added that they welcome the latest affiliation with the Ear Science Institute Australia as they work together to make a difference for the vast Australian population, including her, as she suffers from hearing and ear disorder.

According to reports, the agreement involves joint research projects connected closely to evolving clinical practices conducted with the Centre for Ear Sciences at University of Western Australia medical school.

Moreover, projects comprise of further developments related to ClearDrum, examining the part of cochlear fibrosis in cochlear implant, and thereafter exploring the connection between cognitive decline, hearing loss, and dementia.

Dr. Cathy Sucher, a researcher, will be engrossed in the best practice of commercialisation processes and product development within Cochlear during her nine-month Research Development and Exchange within Industry fellowship.

Not to mention, Ear Science also has a long-lasting involvement in University of Western Australia’s 2 globally recognised longitudinal population health studies naming the Raine Study and the Busselton Health Study.

Source Credits: - https://www.nationaltribune.com.au/ear-science-affiliation-to-boost-ear-and-hearing-research/