Envisics, Panasonic unit to build in-car holographic infotainment displays

With the trend of holographic technology deployment in automobiles surging worldwide, a UK-based holographic technology startup- Envisics has recently announced establishing a strategic partnership with Panasonic Automotive Systems to unitedly develop and commercialize a new generation of infotainment displays for SUVs, trucks, and cars. This novel move would allow the companies to transform in-car experience with holographic technology for drivers.

The strategic initiative comes ahead of the virtual 2021 CES trade show, follows Envisics’ USD 50 million Series B funding rounds and headlines that its technology would be integrated in the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq EV.

That said, the funding round, which allowed Envisics to garner a valuation of more than USD 350 million, included investments from GM Ventures, Hyundai Mobis, Van Tuyl Companies, and SAI Ventures.

Commenting on the partnership, Founder and CEO of Envisics, Dr. Jamieson Christmas cited that the alliance is expected to merge Panasonic’s proficiency in optical design and its worldwide reach as a Tier 1 supplier along with Envisics’ technology to bring forth holography into mainstream.

He added that Envisics has already integrated its first generation of holographic technology in more than 150,000 Jaguar Rover vehicles and is looking forward on mass production of vehicles using the technology by 2023.

Speaking on future prospects, Christmas cited that the technology in the short term would be kind related to simple AR applications like navigation, focusing on the lane that the driver is supposed to be in and some safety applications. However, when looking into the things like autonomous driving, the technology is set to unlock a whole new realm of other opportunities and video conferencing.

It has been claimed that the incorporation of holographic technology could even be used for night vision application like overlaying enhanced information upon a dark or poorly lit road to make it clear where the road is leading to and if there are any obstacles in the way.

Source Credit: https://tech.hindustantimes.com/tech/news/startup-partners-with-panasonic-to-provide-a-better-in-car-experience-with-holographic-technology-71610212412935.html