In a recent turn of events, Asia Pacific’s leading logistics real estate platform- ESR has recently announced striking a strategic partnership with UK drone development firm-VRCO- for shaping the future of robust speed delivery of cargo by air. The move has enabled the Hong Kong-listed warehouse fund manager and developer to showcase its initiative of designing the world’s first yet innovative cargo drone facility at Tokyo warehouse project.

As per official sources, the company is currently planning on developing an impression for cargo delivery by drone initiative at its 3.9 million square foot Higashi Ogishima Distribution facility, with plans of expanding the program to other facilities in Japan and other economies in the region.

In fact, the main motive behind ESR’s partnership with VRCO for developing electric vertical take-off and landing is to authenticate how ESR’s tenants can make use of eVTOL airframes to transform commercial cargo movement from warehouses to delivery addresses.

It has been reported that a part of the co-operation would be dealing with the establishment of a command center at the Higashi Ogishima unit which will allow delivery firms to manage air transport of cargo under all adverse climatic and weather conditions along with varying volumes of product demands. Besides, key to the program is a flight infrastructure modelling system, built by VCRO under its Future of Flight simulator division, which would permit for testing potential drone applications.

Speaking on the novel move, Co-Chief Executive of ESR- Stuart Gibson- stated that its partner company’s Future of Flight modelling & Simulation capability would significantly support ESR to make proper and well informed decisions with regard to the adoption of eVTOL services in line with the understanding of investments and adaptions to current and future ESR properties to best leverage the outcome of this move.

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