Exopharm collaborates with AIRM for advanced technological solutions

Exopharm Limited, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical firm, has announced signing a Master Collaborative Services Agreement (MSA) in collaboration with Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine (AIRM).

As per credible sources, under the regulations of MSA, AIRM will make payment of up to US$481,000 to Exopharm, for both the projects over a time period of 15 months.

The MSA will potentially allow laboratory work to present effectiveness of Exopharm’s LOAD, LEAP and EVPS technologies by using AIRM’s cell-centric therapeutic technologies.

For the uninitiated, the LEAP project will begin at Exopharm’s labs based in Melbourne and will authorize the use of its LEAP technology to purify exosomes extracted from two propriety AIRM cell lines.

Simultaneously, the other phase of this project will include porting the LEAP technology to AIRM research headquarters based in Massachusetts USA for further use.

Dr. Ian Dixon, Founder and Managing Director of Exopharm, commented that Astellas Group is eager to test the theory related to exosomes, and if they could become an important aspect of their upcoming pipeline of advanced products.

Ian added that the collaborative agreement between Exopharm and AIRM will reflect the teamwork of the two conglomerates in vital initial laboratory projects.

Dr. Jaime Chaufty, Director of Research at AIRM, stated that AIRM makes a continuous attempt to revamp the pipeline and science with top-notch technologies and development methods.

He further mentioned that Exopharm’s propriety tech platforms will cater to challenges faced by AIRM in the development and usage of extracellular vesicles for regenerative medicines.

For the unversed, AIRM, a subsidiary of Astellas Pharma Inc., reportedly falls under the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and has made investments in research and development to back the growth of new treatments, in order to meet the challenging medical requirements. The medical firm records an annual global sale of almost US$12 billion.

Source Credits:- https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/exopharm-and-astellas-institute-for-regenerative-medicine-airm-sign-master-collaborative-services-agreement-301471322.html