• Post the launch of its new group audio calling application, CatchUp, during the pandemic, leading social media platform- Facebook, has recently announced revelation of an all new mix and match music making application called ‘Collab’.

    It has been reported that the company’s internal R&D group has publicly launched the Collab app, which lays significant focus on the concept of mixing, matching, and watching original videos together.

    As per official sources, Collab would allow users to combine up to three independent videos and create a short-form music video. The videos are said to be posted on a public ‘collab’ feed, so that the user can record one part, then combine it with one or two other parts that can be found on the feed that are recorded by other users.

    Moreover, ‘collab’ videos will have a time limit of up to 15 seconds, as this is more of a fun and experimentation application, instead of professional music platform.

    Speculations have it that the app also consists of some elements of TikTok’s duets, but the primary difference between both these apps is that TikTok allows creators to take control of who can duet with them, while all videos posted to Collab can be matched and mixed with others without the level of control on TikTok.

    In addition to this, what sets Collab apart from other applications is that it is only developed for creating original music videos for the time being. Main idea behind Collab’s hurried launch was to provide people a break from depressing times while being locked down in their homes due to COVID-19 pandemic.

    Essentially, Collab also allows user to export the finished products to their Instagram story and other platforms via iOS share sheet, even though the application isn’t directly linked with Facebook. It has been claimed that the app is currently available as an invite-only beta on the Apple store across the states of Canada and the U.S.

    Source Credit: https://technosports.co.in/2020/12/15/facebook-launches-new-mix-and-match-music-making-app-collab/