Fireside announces launch of an interactive entertainment platform

Fireside, a platform where content creators can reach out to their audience through live shows and podcasts, has made its way to users following its recent launch.

Podcasters, writers, comedians, business leaders, policymakers, singers, television personalities and numerous more can use Fireside to interact with and grow their audiences in ways that have never been possible before.

Fireside Co-Founder, Mark Cuban said that he has been someone who aided in starting the streaming industry, and has observed that it has developed in multiple ways. The key component which has always been absent is perceptible interactivity with audiences.

However, with Fireside, it does not remain the same. Creators may now broadcast their work and get the same experience as performing in front of an audience. This unique tactile interactivity delivers the energy that was previously only available in a live setting.

Unlike other options, Fireside can offer analytics, allowing content creator to know how many people laughed, clapped, and more.

As a result, content creators now have the skills and platform they need to finally engage their consumers online and develop innovative methods to entertain and enlighten them.

Fireside is a mobile-based end-to-end production system that makes content creation, audience interaction, and distribution easier by allowing professional creators with the following:

  • Creators may use audio and video to create live interactive performances that can be captured and transcribed instantaneously from anywhere.
  • Fireside provides creators with data so they can discover what material their audience finds most engaging, as well as the ability to update content before sharing it publicly rapidly.

Additionally, Fireside provides up completely new methods of creating stories that aren't doable on other platforms. Creators can, for example, bring the audience along on location for interactive, live investigations in which viewers can join the stage through video and audio for real-time conversations and Q&A.

Fireside is now available on all iOS devices, and shows can be seen through a browser, with Android support coming soon.

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