Fujifilm to resume Avigan clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment

One of the drugmaker’s unit had already filed for an approval for the potential COVID-19 treatment in October

Tokyo-based Fujifilm Holdings Corp. has reportedly announced resuming its clinical trial operations in the country for its anti-viral drug, Avigan as a possible treatment to COVID-19 patients. It would be essential to note that the central government had last year held off the approval for the drug.

According to official sources, details like when the trial would commence, and methods to be used and target patients are yet to be determined. Reports have it that the approval of Avigan is expected to expand the treatment options in the region.

Apparently, the Japanese government has given a nod to the use of ant-viral drug- remdesivir, developed by the U.S biopharmaceutical firm- Gilead Sciences Inc., and the steroid dexamethasone for the novel coronavirus treatment.

It has been reported that inoculation of Avigan can be expanded if the federal government shows a green signal to its consumption as a COVID-19 treatment. Medical Institutions and other healthcare establishments currently offer the drug to COVID positive patients who wish to have it administered to them as an observational study.

The health ministry panel had in December 2020, judged that it was difficult for them to reach conclusive terms on the effectiveness of Avigan based on the results of the clinical testing. However, a ministry official in the panel presented his views stating that the decision does not entirely rule out the efficacy of the drug.

Some of the possible adverse health effects of the drug consumption may include decreased liver function, however the company reported that no new safety concerns were raised in the recent studies. Nevertheless, pregnant women cannot consume the drug as some animal studies have depicted to possible fetal abnormalities.

Source Credit: https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2021/02/08370c2d075b-japans-fujifilm-may-restart-clinical-trial-of-avigan-for-covid-19.html