GE Appliances & Einride partner to test self-driving EV technology

GE Appliances, an U.S. home appliance manufacturer, has reportedly formed alliance with Swedish freight technology company, Einride to build advanced Windowless autonomous trucks. About 9 feet wide, 12 feet tall and 25 feet long, these vehicles are designed to be used to deliver materials between the buildings at the Appliance Park.

These trucks are a key part of the new collaboration formed between the two firms.

According to sources, this is just a pilot assessment of the vehicle for now, although there are expectations that it would expand further.

The partnership provides GE Appliances with an opportunity to test out some novel technologies and focus on its sustainability goals while providing Einride with a footmark in the U.S. market. However, the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed yet.

Einride has steadily increased the level of autonomy of its cars in different places where it operates. According to Niklas Reinedahl, Managing Director of Einride in the United States, cars at one industrial plant began off with a 60/40 split between remote and autonomous operation.

Although he refused to name the specific facility, which has grown to 97% autonomous today.

The trucks are equipped with cameras and sensors that will bring them to a halt if they come across something unexpected, he explained. There's also a remote driver who can deal with problems as they arise. Mr. Reinedahl added that the firm always keep the humans in the loop.

As per the agreement, Einride will be providing driver-controlled electric vehicles to GE, which will carry goods from Appliance Park to GE Appliances' Kentucky Logistical Center at 6611 Shepherdsville Road.

As a result of this move, GE Appliances is expected to cut 970 tons of CO2 emissions in the first year. This is expected to play a key role in its global commitment to lower its carbon footprint by utilizing an advanced supply chain.

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