GE Healthcare unveils new technologies to address most pressing issues

GE Healthcare has recently launched 60 innovative technological solutions in the healthcare department including services like diagnostics, patient screening, guidance, therapy planning and monitoring at the Radiological Society of North America’s 2021 Annual Meet.

Amidst the pandemic, the growing pressure on the healthcare industry pushed the company to hasten innovations encouraged by artificial intelligence (AI) accompanied by digital solutions to revamp the delivery of healthcare. The agenda behind this is to provide health system and clinicians with more efficient and easier solutions with personalized experience for patients.

Reportedly, the global pandemic situation revealed the vulnerability of the healthcare system creating an urgent requirement for solutions and technology to assist the healthcare officials in treating the COVID-19 patients and diseases like heart illnesses and cancer while facing challenges of workforce shortage.

As per credible sources, GE Healthcare has proudly announced the launch of technologies and solutions that provide healthcare system with increased productivity and efficiency, empower clinicians with AI and analytics whenever they need, bring down clinician burnout and increase access to healthcare overall.

Kieran Murphy, President and CEO of GE Healthcare, quoted that the goal is to make healthcare more human by demolishing barriers to enable medical officials operate more efficiently.

He added that healthcare is at a turning point and GE aims to use clinical proficiency to deliver advanced technology and solutions to provide treatment for most demanding issues of healthcare.

According to sources, GE Healthcare has introduced AI-powered, data-driven and automated solutions to boost the diagnostic confidence, improvise the workflow and ease the burden of care for healthcare institutions around the world.

Apparently, the organization is also working with industry conglomerates like SOPHiA GENETICS to provide integrated cancer care by acknowledging diagnostic treatments matching the patient’s cancer type for more personalized treatment.

For the record, GE Healthcare is associated with many healthcare providers, digital start-ups and medical technology innovators all over the world.