GenScript USA declares availability of PCR test kit for monkeypox virus

GenScript USA Inc., a subsidiary of GenScript Biotech Corporation, has announced the immediate availability of a PCR test kit for the monkeypox virus.

As per sources, the kit has been developed in collaboration with Anbio Biotechnology. It is now available across all medical device distributors and diagnostic labs to be used in research for monkeypox virus detection.

It would be imperative to note that the PCR test kit has been authorized with the CE mark for IVD use in the EU (European Union).

For the unversed monkeypox virus is a viral, zoonotic disease that transfers from animals to humans. It is an enclosed double-strand DNA infection belonging to the Orthopoxvirus species.

Reportedly, monkeypox outbreaks have earlier erupted in endemic regions of Africa, but in May 2022, several cases were reported in non-endemic nations worldwide.

Meanwhile, WHO says PCR is the preferred method for detecting the disease.

Notably, the cases of Monkeypox are on the rise globally. In mid-August 2022, 12,869 cases were reported in the United States, as per the US Centers for Disease Control.

The same month, Xavier Becerra, US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, declared Monkeypox a public health emergency.

This move facilitated coordination among federal agencies, increased communication between states and localities, and aided the administration in developing new strategies for distributing vaccines and treatments.

Commenting on the move, Amanda Grimm, Senior Product Manager of diagnostics at GenScript USA, notified that providing access to commercial test kits is vital so that early detection and understanding could be gained related to how the virus is evolving.

Furthermore, the firm is fast-tracking supplies of monkeypox PCR test kits to the lab customers and distributors as diagnostic labs across the United States play a significant role in responding to this public health emergency.

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