George Medicines partners with ICTU Global for GMRx2 clinical trial

George Medicines, a London-based late-stage clinical development company has announced initiation of clinical trial for its proprietary low-dose combination pill, GMRx2, in patients with high blood pressure across UK. This move is expected to come alongside ICTU Global, a research institute at Imperial College London.

The investigational 3-in-1 hypertension pill is expected to showcase capabilities including significant growth in efficacy and enhanced adherence to treatment with reduced side effects.

Claims have it that GMRx2 is George Medicine’s most advanced breakthrough candidate in the late-stage development pipeline. Moreover, the investigational single-pill combination drug offers low doses of commonly prescribed hypertension medications such as amlodipine, telmisartan, and indapamide.

As a part of the clinical trial, 500 patients suffering from high blood pressure are expected to be recruited from hospitals and GP practices across England, further joining a group of 1,000 patients already gathered from the U.S., Australia, and other international sites.

Reportedly, the phase 3 trial will conclude the development project providing results to structure a regulatory filing for approval.

Apparently, Hypertension is among the top preventable factors associated with heart disease, kidney disease and even vascular dementia in the UK, and is considered to be a causative factor in majority of heart attacks and strokes rendering £2.1 billion expenditure for the NHS annually.

It has been reported that, one in every third UK adult suffers from high blood pressure. Moreover, half of the total hypertension cases remain undiagnosed or with unmet medical needs, and nearly 80% of diagnosed adults do not follow consistent routine of prescribed medications.

Imperative to note, it is a common practice for patients to consume multiple blood pressure medications at the same time as each works differently, wherein some adults take three or even more different pills.

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent guideline released for the Pharmacological Treatment of Hypertension in Adults, combination therapy is rather preferable as an initial treatment, notably in the form of a single-pill combination to enhance adherence as well as persistence.

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