GM Defense nabs $36.4Mn development contract to build HD Suburbans

GM Defense LLC, a sub-division of General Motors, has been awarded a deal worth $36.4 million by the U.S. Department of State to build and legalize Large SUVs (Support Utility Commercial Vehicles) for future fleets in support of the DSS (Diplomatic Security Service) Department.

Under the deal, GM Defense will be responsible for creating a purpose-built HD (Heavy-Duty) Suburban and build 10 vehicles in the coming two years.

Based on General Motors' commercial vehicle architecture meant for full-size pickup trucks and big SUVs, GM Defense will employ major commercial-off-the-shelf elements, including the body, exterior, propulsion, interior, and brakes, for its government purpose-built HD Suburban.

The HD Suburban will be equipped with a new and innovative body-on-frame structure and suspension, designed to meet enhanced government vehicles performance criteria such as increased cargo capacity and ground vehicle weight.

GM Defense will leverage innovative manufacturing techniques and tools that include flexible fabrication and fixtureless assembly for supporting improved efficacies and eminence in low-volume production of the new chassis and frame.

This innovative manufacturing technique will aid in reducing the entire program cost and bid higher agility and responsiveness to meet future client demands.

Steve DuMont, President of GM Defense, said that they are thrilled to be building a highly integrated, purpose-built HD Suburban in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State.

Since 1935, Chevrolet Suburban has been recognized for its commercial transportation. The development contract award reflects its long history of outperforming transportation capabilities, and the new HD Suburban will provide DSS with government-specific advanced mobility solutions.

GM motors will deliver the cars in two phases, which will take place next spring. Following the completion of the development contract in or around May 2023, a production contract to produce a fleet of 200 HD Suburban’s each year for nine years is expected.

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