Google Cloud partners with Babylon Health to revamp patient care

Google Cloud has recently collaborated with Babylon Health to build a compliant and scalable healthcare platform within a year with a mission to transform wider patient care.

Reportedly, Babylon’s platform has showcased the ability to augment event data ingestion from 1TB every week to 190 TB each day. It also mitigates the duration users generally must wait to get hold of data from six months to a week, along with joining around 100 data sources, resulting in access to 80 billion data points.

Additionally, the platform aims to save multiple hours of work via automated transcription of 100,000 video consultations.

As per sources, the company’s platform had been established in 2013 and integrates clinical professionals’ abilities with the advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) technology. This is expected to offer access to health information and healthcare to people wherever and whenever they require through their digital services.

Richard Noble, Data Engineering Director, Babylon, commented that the company’s main work is to help people stay well and healthy. The firm is on a mission to offer accessible and affordable healthcare to everyone in the world.

Natalie Godec, Cloud Engineer at Babylon stated that the team works with vast patient data and their aim is to make sure it remains private.

Natalie further mentioned that they allow their team to innovate with the data while catering to various national regulatory morals.

For the record, Babylon, while transferring its system to Google Cloud, was able to analyze its data better by using AI, permitting it to access latest features and tools, assisting members and clinicians in the process.

Notably, the transition to Google Cloud endowed Babylon with security layers and data sovereignty layer apart from crucially helping them get a better understanding then before about what the data meant.

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