Google to add new safety features for kids on YouTube & Play Store

In a bid to make internet browsing and its apps safer for kids, American tech giant- Google has recently added new safety features to its platforms. Online safety for kids is a growing concern for parents globally as the internet is full of information that kids must not be exposed to before a certain age group.

Currently, policies set forth by Google do not allow children below the age of 13 to create a standard Google account, however, some features still allow them to use its application ‘responsibly’.

The newly offered features by Google that will enhance online protection for kids include:

SafeSearch for kids  

The tech company has already introduced a feature known as SafeSearch that helps remove explicit results which are always on by default for all the signed-in users under the age of 13 who have accounts managed by their families.

However, going forward, Google will now turn SafeSearch on for existing users below 18 years of age and make it a default setting for teens who open new accounts.

Increased parental control

The new feature includes new Digital Wellbeing filters that permit people to block podcasts, news, and gain access to webpages on Assistant-led smart devices.  

In addition to above, to make web browsing safer for kids, Google has introduced a new Safety Section on Google Play Store which will inform parents regarding which application meets the firm’s ‘Families’ rules.

Strict data disclosure regulations

Apps will be required to disclose how the data that they collect is used in detail, offering transparency for parents to decide if the app is suitable for their child before being downloaded.

Enhanced upload settings

In the coming times, Google will begin modifying the upload setting to the most private option for users aged between 13 to 17 on YouTube. This will allow content to be only viewed by the users withing the selected age bracket.

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