HERE Technologies introduces next generation real-time traffic service

A multinational group dealing with mapping, location data, and related automotive services, HERE Technologies, has reportedly launched an advanced real-time traffic service to enable drivers to make informed decisions about the best route for their journey.

The new service, dubbed as HERE Advanced Real-Time Traffic was introduced at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, Germany. Notably, this advanced real-time traffic service will be used by major automotive companies, city governments, transportation agencies, and logistics providers worldwide.

It shows the varying speeds on roadways with high-occupancy vehicle lanes and correct speeds on arterial lanes with traffic congestion at intersections (in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand). The service can provide granular traffic coverage in over 100 locations worldwide, covering all types of streets.

Jorgen Behrens, Senior VP and Chief Product Officer of HERE Technologies, stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant influence on global traffic volumes, and thus up-to-date traffic information is more critical than ever, he added.

HERE Advanced Real-Time Traffic is an extension of HERE Technologies’ up-to-the-minute traffic service, which already provides updated information on traffic flow as well as road incidents that may create delays, sources claimed. It allows for the visualization of traffic conditions on motorways and arterials, as well as traffic-aware routing for the most accurate ETA (estimated time of arrival) approximations.

The anonymized GPS data points collected every day by HERE Technologies will play an important role in the service, using over 150 different probe data suppliers and over 100 incident sources. HERE traffic services also incorporate rich sensor data from millions of connected automobiles globally.

HERE Real-Time Traffic and HERE Advanced Real-Time Traffic will be offered in over 70 countries, covering more than 13 million kilometers of road, cited sources with relevant information.

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