• The launch is anticipated to support Indian businesses to enhance UX by enabling website acceleration, smoother video-on-demand, and faster download.


  • The tech giant has also been offering such services to about more than 130 countries.

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and amended lockdown measures, various companies have been preferring to go digital with their work from home routines, enabling tech giants to offer seamless remote control access to its customers. In one such instance, Chinese telecom tech giant- Huawei has recently announced entering into cloud based content delivery network (CDN) in India to help such businesses deliver seamless user web-experience.

It has been claimed that through this move, the company would look into possible business opportunities in online travel and hospitality, e-commerce, government, and digital marketing vertical across the states of India. That said, speculations have it that Huawei has also been providing these services in about 130 countries worldwide already.

Speaking on this opportunity, President of Cloud and AI business group at Huawei, Steve Kim declared that given to its 30 years of expertise in delivering secure, reliable, and sustainable ICT services to its customers, the company has reportedly launched the cloud-based CDN services in India to empower the businesses across the country in an effort to provide the best web experience.

He added that the company’s operations and resources in India are supported by local talents and are created to meet any customer requirement most suitable for local needs. In line with this, through this launch, Huawei also targets to bolster the development of ‘Digital India’ initiative.

According to official sources, it has been reported that Huawei boasts of an experience of integrating more than 2,500 acceleration nodes worldwide with more than 100 Tbps bandwidth across a network of more than 74 telecom firms in more than 130 countries while serving over 1 billion end-users.

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