IFFCO introduces world's first Nano Urea to replace traditional urea

In a bid to reduce the usage of urea in agricultural practices, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd, also known as IFFCO, has reportedly unveiled on Monday (June 7), the first ever Nano Urea for farmers all over the globe. Its production is expected to commence from this month.

It has been reported that this indigenously developed product comes in liquid form and is priced at INR 240 per 500 ml bottle which costs 10 percent less than a bag of traditional urea. It is expected to be available to the farmers through IFFCO’s cooperative sales and marketing channel beside its e-commerce platform.

According to the official statement of IFFCO, development of Nano Urea is an inspiration taken from the Prime Minister of India’s call for alleviating the usage of urea in the soil. Nano Urea Liquid has been developed indigenously after years of sincere and dedicated research conducted by IFFCO’s Scientists and Engineers.

They have used the proprietary technology which has been developed at Nano Biotechnology Research Centre, Kalol, in line with ‘Atmanirbhar Krishi’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiatives.

The company confirmed that the new product has been developed for replacing the conventional urea and it can reduce its requirement by at least 50%. It has 40,000 ppm nitrogen content in a bottle of 500 ml which is equivalent to the effect of nitrogen nutrient offered by a bag of traditional urea.

IFFCO further stated that excessive use of urea leads to environmental pollution, damages soil health, makes plants more vulnerable to insect infestation and disease, delays maturity of crops, and causes production loss.

Application of Nano Urea by farmers will enhance balanced nutrition program by reducing the excess use of urea in the soil and will make the crop strong and healthy and offer protection from lodging effect.

Source Credits: https://www.republicworld.com/business-news/india-business/iffco-introduces-worlds-first-nano-urea-liquid-begins-commercial-production.html