ImmuneMed’s COVID-19 pneumonia treatment gets nod for Phase 2 trial

ImmuneMed’s novel therapeutic variant, hzVSF-v13 has reportedly entered the 2nd Phase of clinical trial in Italy post its successful study in Russia, Korea, and Indonesia.

With the world looking forward to the development of potential vaccine against deadly coronavirus, ImmuneMed, that had earlier announced development of humanized Virus Suppressing Factor variant for vivid viral disease treatments, has now declared that its hzVSF-v13 is being studied as a potential treatment for the COVID-19 pneumonia patients in Italy.

It has been reported that the drug variant has entered the second phase of clinical trial in the country post its successful analysis in Russia, Indonesia, and Korea. Speculations have it that Italy is expected to see the results sequentially commencing as early as the third quarter of 2021.

For the record, hzVSF-v13 is a novel drug candidate that ImmuneMed is currently developing as a treatment for various severe to low impact viral diseases including hepatitis B and severe influenza pneumonia.

However, the global explosion of COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the firm to effectively develop COVID-19 treatments based on antiviral efficacy data with SARS-CoV-2 and research data on coronavirus disease.

According to official reports, the biotechnology company had already received approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for the use of hzVSF-v13 drug as a treatment of severe COVID-19. In fact, in a study conducted on 7 patients in 4 hospitals, it was observed that two COVID-19 pneumonia patients managed at Seoul National University Hospital were diagnosed virus free within 10 days of hzVSF-v13 administration twice or three times.

This enabled the researcher of Seoul National University Hospital to publish the results as entitled ‘Compassionate use of hzVSF-v13 in 2 patients with critical COVID-19’ on the Journal of Medical Virology in May 2020.

This apart, the company has also put forth its plans of commencing the Phase 2 clinical study by Q1 2021 relating to chronic hepatitis B, which is another suggestion of hzVSF-v13.

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