Immunicom & ACU conduct Immunopheresis® clinical trial for cancer

Immunicom, Inc., a clinical-stage biotech firm developing non-pharmaceutical immunotherapies, is making promising strides in its cancer clinical trial focused on identifying the effectiveness of Immunopheresis®. The trials are being conducted at Acibadem Healthcare Group hospitals in collaboration with Acibadem University.

Since October 2020, the multi-arm trial has been enrolling patients and evaluating Immunicom's oncology platform for non-small cell lung cancer in combination with Roche's pharmacological checkpoint inhibitor, Tecentriq® (atezolizumab). The clinical trial, in its 3rd stage, is evaluating Immunopheresis for treating solid cancers.

For the uninitiated, Immunopheresis is a treatment that uses Immunicom's unique LW-02 subtractive column to remove immune-suppressive cytokines that inhibit the body's normal immunological response to malignant tumors.

It is designed to treat cancer without side effects, toxicity, or adverse effects on quality of life common with conventional cancer treatments.

Immunicom's LW-02 column has been designated as a Breakthrough Device by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for stage IV metastatic cancer, as well as CE Mark certification (European regulatory clearance) for use in patients with advanced TNBC (triple-negative breast cancer).

Ahmet Sahin, MD., Prof., Chairman of the Medical Executive Board of Acibadem Healthcare Group, said “Lung cancer is one of the most frequent cancers worldwide and is a common cancer ailment in Turkey”.

“Current lung cancer medicines are frequently linked with substantial adverse effects, and patient’s cancer often become resistant to even newer immunotherapies. Available immunotherapies are also excessively expensive, which impedes this option for many patients”.

As per Mr. Sahin, “Immunicom's Immunopheresis therapy will provide physicians with a novel breakthrough cancer immunotherapy that will be significantly better accepted, improve patient quality of life, and be widely available to many patients who would otherwise be unable to benefit from immunotherapy due to its cost-effectiveness”.

Importantly, Immunopheresis is still an experimental therapy that the FDA has not yet authorized for use.

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