Influenza, COVID coinfection could spark the risk of deadly illness: Experts

Studies have revealed that patients affected with both flu and COVID-19 at the same time are at a higher risk of death and severe diseases in comparison to patients who only have COVID-19 without the other viruses.

Reportedly, it claims that those affected with co-infections of SARS-CoV-2, which causes influenza and coronavirus, were discovered to require four times more ventilation support and are 2.4% more likely to die as compared to patients having only coronavirus, making vaccination crucial against both viruses evading coinfections.

Apparently, the research has been conducted by the team from different universities such as University of Liverpool, University of Edinburgh, Leiden University, and Imperial College London.

Professor Kenneth Baillie, Experimental Medicine Professor at University of Edinburgh stated that the combination of flu virus and coronavirus is very dangerous. This would thus be very crucial as many countries have reduced restrictions of social distancing.

Kenneth mentioned that COVID-19 will spread with flu, sparking the chances of dual infections, which is why the testing strategy for COVID-19 patients in hospitals should be altered, increasing the testing of flu more widely.

Additionally, Professor Calum Semple, Professor of Outbreak Medicine and Child Health at the University of Liverpool commented that both the viruses will start spreading during the flu season, increasing the risk of fatalities.

He added that the prevention against the same requires vaccination against both the viruses.

As per sources, studies reflect augmented need for flu testing for the COVID-19 patients in the medical centers and highlight the value of vaccination against both.

Professor Peter Openshaw, Experimental Medicine Professor at Imperial College London stated that getting co-infections is not very common, but the possibility still exists. He added that the vaccinations against the two vary diversely and the treatment for both is very different.

Peter claimed that it is vital to get tested for other viruses even if a person is hospitalized with a respiratory infection.

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