Israeli Govt. invests millions to back net-zero carbon emission project

With carbon emissions surpassing the alarming rates, Karin Elharrar, Energy Minister of Israel, has announced an investment of NIS 23 million in the production of first-of-their-kind pioneering energy projects.

As per credible sources, nineteen entrepreneurs will reportedly get their energy products funded after answering to the ministry’s invitation to tender for inventions in areas of water supply, smart transportation, and energy efficiency.

For the uninitiated, the Energy Minister’s key venture, worth around NIS 12 million, is an invention focusing on the development of and switch to the use of hydrogen as a fuel for cargo transportation vehicles.

According to reports, Hydrogen will be used as a fuel for heavy-duty transportation because of its high energy density. Apparently, 1kg hydrogen provides the exact same power as a gallon of diesel fuel.

To propel and advance the use of hydrogen in the transportation fuel industry, the state is investing on purchasing three buses, six freight vehicles, and a portable hydrogen refueling system to assist the regulations.

For the record, this investment emerges as a groundbreaking move in supporting hydrogen as effective alternative fuel for heavy transport ever since the government announced supporting the initiative to build the first hydrogen fueling station in Israel.

Karin Elharrar mentioned that innovation is the basic key to achieve the ambitious benchmark of net-zero carbon emissions, a mission set by Karin and Naftali Bennett, the Prime Minister at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26 the previous year.

Officials have highlighted the value of setting up a tech-focused, green energy, and efficient market as the worldwide climate crisis gain momentum.

Karin mentioned that the path to develop a green and reliable energy market is unknown, but she is confident that Israel businesspersons will find a way.

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