Government of Israel is in talks to carry out fourth booster dose against Omicron

Amid the outspread of the Omicron variant, an Israel based hospital administered a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine test on a group of health workers to conduct a research. The research is part of the first major study which will determine whether the second round of booster doses will help curb the fast spreading coronavirus variant.

As per credible reports, spokesperson from the Sheba Medical Centre declared that results of the research study will be monitored closely by the international department and later, will be submitted to the Health Ministry of Israel in about two weeks.

Reportedly, Israel has been claimed to be the fastest country to carry out the process of vaccination last year and now it is the first country to propose a booster program after witnessing the waning immunity over time.

The surge in the Omicron cases is leading to wide number of hospital admissions and Israel is one of the first countries to offer second booster shots to the healthcare workers and the people with weak immune systems or people above 60.

According to sources, the proposal has been accepted by the government of Israel while various experts still have their doubts regarding the fourth booster shot and demand more scientific justification for the same. However, the final green signal from Nachman Ash, Director General of the Health Ministry is still awaited.

For the uninitiated, out of 9.4 million Israeli population, 63% of the people have reportedly received their first two doses of vaccines and 45% have taken a booster dose.

It has been speculated that around 2,000 confirmed and suspected cases of Omicron have been recorded and infections are increasing day by day.

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